A Naval Officer

I worked as a Naval Helicopter officer from 2014. Being an officer is a tough choice in life, mostly because of the purpose of this job: when and if the time comes, you will have to pay the ultimate sacrifice to defend your country and your loved ones. To get the results you want from your troops, you have to be a role model, inspire them by the example and generally be a leader, not a manager. Moreover, you have to be very well educated and broad minded, due to the versatile nature of the problems you have to tackle each day. However, the salary is decent, especially by todays’ standards, in an epoch of economic crisis.

To become an officer I had to join Naval Academy as an engineer. The academy itself was pretty harsh, because it was like a “university with military rules” (sorry no crazy parties there..). However, I managed to finish it eventually, and in 2011 I became an Ensign (1st officer rank in the Navy) and joined the fleet. Thanks to the Navy, I have visited over 17 countries, including Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Spain. However, in 2014, I decided I had enough ”travelling”, so I decided to try my luck in the Naval Airforce.

This is my first time actually posting on a site regarding job experience. I think this concept is a brilliant idea, especially for young people who are not well informed about the different career paths that exist.

In conclusion, if you want a job which is demanding but will make you a mature and disciplined person from a very young age, Ι will definitely suggest joining the navy as an officer.

Taxiarchis, Athens, 8 March 2017.