Working in a Primary School

I did my work experience in a primary school in Tapage from 13th April 2015 to 17th April 2015.
I chose this internship because I like teaching somehow. Being a teacher can be very difficult but also pleasant sometimes. Some students can have trouble focusing so it takes some patience to know how to talk, explain, to express and be directive. I observed how a teacher worked for a week and I see that it’s not easy every day. I took a group of pupils to the playground and some students were helpful when necessary.
To become a school teacher, students must have an MA in teaching and pass a competitive exam (school teachers recruitment exam) organized by the Ministry of Education. I love this job because of school holidays, we are in contact with children and we share knowledge … But there are some constraints like dealing with some problems with students and parents, corrections. The world of work for me is complicated, fun, great and interesting at the same time.

Clara Lauret, Marthe Robin middle school, Le Tampon, Reunion Island, 17 May 2015.