A turtles keeper

I did a Work Experience from April 13th to 17th 2015 at a Care Center. The job experienced was Animal keeper, especially turtles keeper.
I’ve chosen to experience this job because I love turtles and animals in general. I wanted to know about the mission of an animal keeper.
There were no links with the project of my future career. But now, I may want to work with animals.
In the Care Center, the animal keeper takes care of turtles. I prepared vegetables and fed them. I washed them. I swam with them to see if everything was okay in basins. I gave them injections for pain or parasites.
To become an animal keeper in Care Center for example you must get a biologic M.A or an agricultural B.A.
I love this job because being in contact with animals is very exciting and fabulous but it can be very hard when you must raise a turtles of 40 kg or stay four hours under the sun. For me the Work World is very fantastic. I met people who love their job, they are passionate and for me that’s awesome.

Estelle Selier, Marthe Robin middle school, Le Tampon, Reunion Island, 17 May 2015.