A salesman

I’ve chosen to experience from 13th April to 18th April 2015 as a salesman this job because I had no time to choose a good one like computer technician.
I’d like to become an IT technician so this job isn’t related to my future career; but if one day I must sell computers, this will be very useful to help my clients and to talk with them. I observed a salesman job, it’s a nice job but I don’t really like it. I had lots of missions like helping clients to choose what they needed, storing and classifying shoes and counting the size of football shirts (size: S, M , L , XS). It’s hard to count them all when you need it to be done quickly. On the first day, I observed my tutor, how he helped our clients to choose what they needed and helped him to store shoes and shirts. On the second day, I sold shoes and shirts and helped my tutor. Other days, I cleaned the windows and footwear, sold shoes and shirts, helped clients to choose and classified shoes and shirts. It was fun and cool.
To become a salesman, you must get a B.A. I like this job because schedules are simple but it’s difficult to be a salesman / salesgirl when you are shy and don’t like talking a lot with people. It’s interesting and fun, you need motivation and sometimes, it’s complicated.

Leocadie Laurent, Marthe Robin middle school, Le Tampon, Reunion Island, 17 May 2015.