A physiotherapists

My internship took place during a week from April 13th to 17th, in a physiotherapy practice. I’ve chosen to experience this job because physiotherapists take care of human bodies. For me, nothing’s better than to heal pains and wounds of people who had undergone surgery. I think I must be interested in this job because so many people need to be relieved!
I’d like to become a palliative care physician. So this job is related to my future career because both these jobs aim at relieving people’s pain after being implanted with one or more prostheses. Links with younger people or the elderly may be based.
Physical therapists also help people with physical injuries or illnesses to regain range of movement and control their pain. Physical therapists typically create plans that involve stretching, strength training, exercises and physical manipulation to help people recover. They help determine the root causes of the trauma, counsel patients, and work with them to create a plan for rehabilitation.
They are experts at what the body can do, and will educate patients and families about what is possible, and keep patients motivated during ongoing therapy.
To become a physical therapist you must get a high school degree, followed by a bachelor’s degree and a MSc. I love this job but it’s difficult when some people don’t understand how to do the physical therapist’s exercises. That’s sometimes sad because people suffer so much from their pains. Nevertheless, they keep the courage and want to be cured. I think this job is the best.
It’s awesome, motivating and interesting because, everyone needs to find a way for the future, the job that pleases him/her. It exist so many jobs that require different qualifications. Each of us could find our ways. Growing up, we change and a job allows to become independent, to invest oneself in everyday life.

Maxime Lauret, Marthe Robin middle school, Le Tampon, Reunion Island, 17 May 2015.