A nurse

From April 13th to 18th 2015 I was an intern in surgery in a clinic. I chose this internship because a hospital refused my application as they assumed that I was too young. Thus I had to take an internship closer to my future job in a hospital. Later I would like to be a forensic scientist, so this internship in surgery in a private clinic allowed me to see, to observe things which I did not know about.
I followed the nurses in their work, and I had to observe the bandages of the patients after the surgery, how to put urinary probes and also how the assistant takes care of patients.
To become nursing or forensic scientist it is necessary to study medicine.
I liked observing surgery workers during this internship because the nurses are kind persons and close to the patient but it is also difficult to stand the patients who complain sometime and who get on your nerves all day long. It’s Awesome, this Work experience.

Emeline, Marthe Robin middle school, Le Tampon, Reunion Island, 17 May 2015.