A fireman

I had a work experience from April 13th to 17th at the fire station.
I’ve chosen to experience this job because I love the action and jobs with a uniform, and an internship at the police station was not possible then I tried with the fire brigades.
I’d like to become a police officer or fireman so this job is related to my future career.
Firemen work by team and every morning they pass on information to the following team and then they have to check materials and look at the state of trucks before leaving. To become a fireman you must get a middle school degree but a high school degree is advised.
I love this job because it is so great to get in trucks and we save lives. I liked their job but it’s difficult to be fireman for me because it is necessary to be very good at math, to have a good physical condition and to know how to manage the situation. In this job we have no right to make a mistake, otherwise it could be fatal. It’s complicated but it’s so motivating and fantastic because we want to make something of our life.

Hazera Mathilde, Marthe Robin middle school, Le Tampon, Reunion Island, 17 May 2015.